Hello (again), world!

Mikelangelo Design will be back shortly. Currently, in process of content collection and redesign.

Photoblog. I enjoy photography, and while I'll have a gallery of my best work soon, I also like to share some more frequent, fun work that I do regularly. It helps me grow and learn visually and it's very enjoyable.

For Students. The intent is to provide useful, timely and meaningful resources for my students and colleagues.

My work. You will also see a new body of professional work from me.

New Design. I have new resources and galleries almost ready to post. With that new content you'll also see a whole new design. Look for it in January 2015.

Lastly...If you have questions...

PLEASE, do not hesitate to contact me: mike@mikelangelo.com


Resources, examples, articles...


Web design, Graphic design, Photoshop and other resources will be the focus of this section.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, and tool resources can be found here.