Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Some still life fun. It hasn’t snowed here yet, but tomorrow is supposed to be pretty bad. We’ll see.

They boys… being awesome.

Here are my boys. Being hams. Being awesome.

Woman #2

Here’s another version of the previous shot. Still working out some details of the shoot.


My friend makes jewelry and this is one of her pieces. I believe this is supposed to represent the Chinese character representing “woman”.

Dead Flower

Found this flower from my wife’s garden. I thought the colors and textures were really rich. Almost velvet-like in some ways.

Zach: On the Hunt

This is zach again…he’s hunting. Voles, I think.

Barn Dog Zach

This is Zach. One of two cool barn dogs that I met a few weeks ago. He’s a sweetheart and is an excellent mole hunter!

Buick 8 #3 (or alternatively, Portrait of the wife)

Same car. Inadvertently captured a portrait of my wife in the chrome reflection on this one.

Buick 8 #2

Here’s the speedometer from the Buick 8 I stumbled upon the other day.

Buick 8 #1

Went to a horse show this weekend to meet up with my wife. Watchin’ the kids and taking photos. Part way through the day, someone parks this beautiful Buick 8 next to us. I’ve never seen one before. It looked beautiful. The chrome was amazing. Had to snap a few pics before it was too late.